Friday, July 15, 2011

New HSS: Juliana Garza - Communion Muse (1973)

I put up a brand-new release on the HSS Bandcamp. HSS#4 is 1973's "Communion Muse" by Juliana Garza. It's 12 tracks, really strong. It's her second album. I also found her first one, "Mixed Expressions," for $10, so I hope to have that one soon. Enjoy!

Also, new podcast this weekend.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laughter & Love - Dragon Fire

The tape said it was recorded around the solstice of 1984, and I found it yesterday, 27 years later, on the solstice. Coincidence or act of crystal healing vibrations? You decide. Full digital reissue coming from HSS.

Laughter and Love - Dragon Fire by hauntedsoundsystem

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keith & Sam In The Morning

I grew up listening to WIZM FM, Z-93 .. out of LaCrosse, WI. I think we heard it on the bus every morning. Anyway, I decided to make a series of mixes of the songs they played OVER & OVER, EVERY DAY. They played a lot of old songs. And weird ones.

Here's part one, 19 tracks:

More to come!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sun Of Thunder - Awful, Home-Made, Regional, Christian Rap

I hope this was just made as a joke, but Sun of Thunder's CD-R contains references to Darington, WA, a town of about 1,500 people. It's also about Jesus. A lot of Jesus. Anyway, this disc is from a time I stopped to get gas in Burlington. This white-thuggy guy came over and handed this to me, then immediately asked for a 'donation of $5.' That old scam. So, as I am not into that, but love home-made shit music, I gave him $1 and some old receipts from my wallet.

Please enjoy the Christian Rap of Sun of Thunder. I made up the track titles.
01. So Many Men (Entering My Mouth)
02. So White, So Terrible
03. Listen To My Sibilance, Heed My Turkey Waddle
04. Fill My Ass With Your Ejaculate Right Now
05. Filled With The Holy Ghost & Dickmeat: Guess Which There's More Of?
06. Mangina Quiver

Get the whole disc at this link, including the terrible last track, which is a 5 minute spoken preach-a-thon that I do not have words to describe. Leaves me elated. I think I need to upload that to Souncloud as well.

Track 5, Bad Eminem Impression?:

Sun of Thunder - Terrible, Home-Made Religious Rap by hauntedsoundsystem

Track 6, Unintentionally Hilarious Preach-A-Thon:
Sun of Thunder - Unintentionally Hilarious Preach-A-Thon by hauntedsoundsystem

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bri: Hawaii/Little Birds CD-R

Our first Haunted Sound System release! Singer-songwriter type fare. A little twee. Very cute and fun to listen to.

Get it at our store!

01. Bri - Hawaii by hauntedsoundsystem

Silkscreened, two color CD-R with inner & outer sleeves. 20 copies in this first pressing.

These are some songs that a lady posted to back in 2003, or so. (Remember when that was a cool site? Got lots of free swag from them.) Bri never responded to my email about these songs, so upon finding the CD-R in 2011, I decided to make a few copies available to the world.

All proceeds from this single are going to help us get a lathe cut record machine!

Lathe Cutz & The Deep Rocka From Left Rear Channel 2

I decided that HSS is going to pursue the heartbreaking world of lathe cut records, once more, after coming across a stash of cutting styluses that I thought were thrown out!! Woot!! This means that a lot of our HSS releases will be used to fund this project, which I estimate will be around $500 USD. This post will be where I update the progress of this project.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sounds from the Haunted Hi-Fi Episode 002

Sounds from the Haunted Hi-Fi Episode 002 by hauntedsoundsystem
01. Puro Instinct aka Pearl Harbor - Luv Goon (Something About the Chapparals)
02. CTFTPA - Old Panda Days (A David Horvitz Picture Disc With Casiotone For The Painfully Alone)
03. U.S. Girls - Prove It All Night (Springsteen Cover from Introducing...)
04. Jana Hunter - The Earth Has No Skin (The Blank Unstaring Heirs Of Doom)
05. Old Time Relijun - Siren (Selector Dub Narcotic comp)
06. racecardriver - bear ghost (Kid Icarus 2)
07. Swimsuit - Evaporation (Swimsuit 2010 Demo)
08. Slumber Party - Electric Boots (3)
09. ?? -??
10. Tom T. Hall - Sneaky Snake
11. Laura Marling - Ghosts (Alas, I Cannot Swim)
12. Cornershop ft. Bubley Kaur - Topknot (...and the Double O Groove Of)
13. Men Without Hats - Gravity Is My Enemy (My Hats Collection)
14. V.V. Brown - Crying Blood (Traveling Like Light)
15. Electrelane - Bells (Axes)
16. Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou
17. The Waitresses - Bruiseology (Tracy Wormworth Vocal Version)
18. EMA - California (Past Life Martyred Saints)